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We accept bookings for all areas at lunchtimes and children & babies are welcome.


Monday to Friday

Generally we only book tables upstairs in the evenings, however should space be available downstairs on arrival you are free to take it.

The two corner areas may be reserved up until 6.00pm for groups of 6-12.


Tables may be booked downstairs until 8.00pm at upstairs at any time.

We regret that we do not allow babies and buggies in the evening.

Private Parties

Upstairs is available for private parties, maximum 26 for a sit-down meal or 40 for a standing event.  Depending on the day of the week and time of year a minimum charge may be applicable. For details please or write to us or call on 0208 743 9593 .


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 1 Wood Lane London W12 7DP      +44 20 8743 9593